Tachibana School of Ikebana is an exciting place for Japanese inspired arts. We hold classes with some of the premier art masters of bonseki, the ancient art of sandpainting, Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese dance and drums, as well as ikebana in Ikenobo, Sogetsu and Ohara schools. But that’s not all! Click Favorite Links to find other art forms which hold their classes at the school.

Ikebana is the Japanese fine art of floral arranging. The central canon of ikebana for centuries has been Ten-Chi-Jin (Heaven-Earth-Man), where heaven is symbolized by the tall central flower, man by a medium branch placed at the side, and earth by the shortest branch, placed before the heaven branch. There is so much to learn!

Each school has different styles to master and enjoy. Materials for creating your arrangement, generally a shallow container or vase, and a kenzan or frog which hold the flowers in place are inexpensive and it’s easy to get started. Classes are taught by masters in their field who share the wealth of knowledge they have freely. Click Classes for the ikebana class schedule.

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